Mandy Moore Reveals How 'This Is Us' Made Her Ready To Be A Mom

by Adam Silvers

You guys, Mandy Moore is totally ready to be a mom.

OK, as far as I know, the 32-year-old actress isn't currently expecting, but she did open up to Conan O'Brien about how her role on the NBC hit show "This Is Us" has her prepared for motherhood.


Specifically, she told the late-night TV host,

I'm totally ready to have kids.

Wow! Hold your horses, Mandy!

I'm not a parent, yet, but I'm pretty sure you might need more experience than just playing a mom on a television show.

Moore told Conan about her time on the set of "This Is Us" and how she started to look after the young actors on the show like they were her own kids.

She said,

We have three extraordinary young actors on the show, who have fantastic parents by the way. They're very attentive. I think it's a lot of their first jobs for most of them and any time there's a scene that requires them to eat, I have to remind them.


Mandy Moore also opened up about the actor who plays her husband on "This Is Us," Milo Ventimiglia.

The 32-year-old actress said,

Milo, who's my husband on the show, we're always like, 'Guys slow down because you guys don't realize you're committing yourself to eating that same amount for the entirety of the scene which can sometimes be a couple hours.'

Now, I'm not trying to start any rumors, but in reading Moore's quotes about Ventimiglia, and checking out the photos she posted of herself with him on Instagram, well, could there be a real romance here in the works?


The recently-divorced actress went into more detail about her time on set during the filming of "This Is Us."

She said,

I remember we were shooting the Christmas episode and there was some melted peppermints in a candy dish that wasn't even from the prop department. Clearly, it was set decoration and I turn my back for one second... and all of them have jammed peppermints in their mouths!

So, what makes Mandy Moore so sure she's ready to be a mom? Well, holding newborn babies certainly has her feeling confident.

The actress said,

I mean, we get to hold these newborn children, and I can't believe their parents were willing to hand over their babies to me. I'm like, 'Hi, I'm Mandy. I have absolutely no experience with small children,' and they're like, 'Here's my 2-week-old baby.'

She continued,

I had crew members showing me how to change a diaper. I'm terrible, but yes it has sort of activated that maternal side of me that I'm totally ready to have kids now.

I guess Mandy Moore just has that trusting face.

Mandy Moore also praised Ventimiglia further, which brings me back to my earlier point these two need to get married and have babies.

Speaking about her co-star, she said,

He's such a special guy, it's really not hard to have to just love him. I feel very safe. I feel very, like, protected with him. I've never really felt that with somebody I've worked with before, so I feel incredibly lucky every day just to have this job, but then to get to work with him every day, too. I know I'm in good hands.

I mean, come on.

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