A Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Made With 88 Lbs Of Chocolate Exists

F*ck chocolate bunnies: This year, chocolate Benedicts are where it's at.

Using over 88 pounds of chocolate — the equivalent of 500 melted chocolate bars — UKTV created a life-size chocolate statue of "Sherlock" star, Benedict Cumberbatch.

The massive chocolate sculpture was made a few days before Easter, UK's biggest chocolate-centered holiday, to usher in UKTV's newest television station, which will focus exclusively on drama programming.

It took a team of eight talented chocolatiers to create the 6-foot-tall edible statue, which they made by pouring melted chocolate into food-safe clay molds.

The end result is impressive. Suffice it say, Cumberbatch has never looked this delicious.

Looking sharp.

"Chocobatch" is 88 pounds of pure chocolate.

Here's the life-like chocolate being made.


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