Leonardo DiCaprio's GF Nina Agdal Reveals Workout Routine


Everyone always asks me what my workout routine consists of. They're constantly saying, "Hope? What are you doing? You look awful. Are you OK?"

The answer is no. I am not OK. But maybe learning Nina Agdal's exercise regime... maybe that will get me toward being OK.

The 24-year-old model and girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio showed off her boxing skills to ET on Thursday at Overthrow Boxing Club in New York City.


While promoting Muscle Milk's Coffee House at the Rise and Grind boxing class, she said,

Uh, sorry.

I know it is crazy that I can't relate to a supermodel (we do have so much in common, if you ignore my 5'2" frame and also all of my face and body), but I never regret a glass of wine.

OK, it is official. If I didn't know it before, I certainly know it now.

Nina Agdal can 100 percent kick my ass.

The model said, when it comes to working out, variety is the spice of life,


I don't know what Y7 Yoga, Akin's Army camp or boot camps are, but I think Nina is preparing to defend this great country of ours?

But boxing may be Agdal's favorite, because of the way it tones all of her muscles. She said,

Dang, Nina, you scary.

She admitted that she's a bit bad a dieting, saying,

Meanwhile, I am currently surrounded with my order of three taquitos and four tacos... Dinner for one? Yes.

But the delivery guy brought me two forks.

The Denmark native said,

So, if you want to get a body like Agdal, just watch what you eat, step into the ring and throw some fists.

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