Leonardo DiCaprio Made Out With A Model On A Citi Bike Because He's Leo

by Madeline Concannon

Leonardo DiCaprio took a hot model on a Citi Bike date, and it's making me reevaluate every date I've ever been on.

Someone recently took a photo of the actor making out with model Kelly Rohrbach on a Citi Bike.

I mean, I never thought this would be my ideal date, but these two make it look really playful and romantic.

DiCaprio has been spotted on these inexpensive bikes before, but we've never seen him make this kind of move on one.

These bikes are available to everyone in NYC, so (listen up, boys) you can go on this exact date, too.

Seriously, only Leo could make kissing someone on an oversized bike look so hot.

This photo is just further proof Leonardo DiCaprio is better than all of us.


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