Lena Dunham: Taylor Swift's Love Life An 'Unwinnable Game'


How easy do you think Taylor Swift has it when it comes to her love life?

When you factor in her worldwide fame, her countless achievements and her impressive net worth, you'd probably think finding true love would be easy. Well, the truth is it's the complete opposite of easy.

Sure, Swift can hire a dating coach and find herself a skilled matchmaker tomorrow, but that's not how real love works. Even the rich and famous need to make sure they're in search of organic love.

That's probably why Lena Dunham is speaking out about her good friend's love life. Swift's lifestyle isn't all sweet bliss like you might think it is.

Take one look at Taylor Swift's dating history, and it's not hard to see!

Lena Dunham recently appeared on an episode of "The Howard Stern Show" where she offered some insight into her good friend's love life.

When asked about Taylor Swift, Dunham admitted,

Dunham went on to compare Swift's love life to those of male actors, saying,

She's obviously referring to T. Swift's highly publicized failed relationships with dudes like Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston (who else?). And though I personally disagree with Dunham on most things, she's right.

It's gotta be tough being one of the most famous musicians in the world to find true love when story-hungry paparazzi are constantly chasing you and interrogating you about your own life...

Not to mention there are always people out there attempting to use your hard-earned notoriety for their personal benefit. I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda kind of feel sorry for Taylor.

Keyword: "kinda."

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