Lamar Odom Said Khloé Hasn't Reached Out After Rehab Stint

by Robert Anthony

Former NBA champion Lamar Odom just completed a 35-day stint at a rehab facility in San Diego.

During the few hours that he's been out, Odom has already run into paparazzi cameras on the streets of Beverly Hills.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old ran into TMZ (of course) and was kind enough to offer up a few words (literally) about his recent experience.

When asked how his stint at the San Diego-based rehab center went, Odom casually stated,

Awesome. Life-changing.

OK, so it seems like Lamar is going to play it safe with reporters for now. Smart man! That's not all he had to say, though. The camera-wielding reporter then asked Odom what he had planned next.

Lamar quipped,

Um, just live life, bro.

Odom was then asked if he could provide "any specific plans," to which he responded, "Eh, I might do a reality show."

As if that tiny little spill wasn't enough of a juicy detail, the reporter kept prying.

"Hold on, let me take this picture," Lamar said. Two women then walked over to take photos with the former NBA star that they'll likely cherish forever.

At that point, it was time to ask about Khloé Kardashian. Despite the fact that the ex-couple had finalized their divorce just before the new year, they have to be in contact following Lamar's treatment, right?!


Well, not quite. According to Lamar himself, he hasn't yet spoken to ex-wife Khloé or any of the Kardashians. He says they haven't even tried to reach out to him. Now, that's not too surprising.

After all, Khloé has sparked a new romance with NBA champion Tristan Thompson, who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's safe to say she's been busy focusing on other things.

And besides, Lamar's been busy working on himself. Maybe the time apart is exactly what they each needed.

Still, Lamar says that they're both cool and both "cordial."

Check out the full clip below.

So, about that reality show...

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