Kylie Jenner Stripped Down For Seductive Snapchats

When Kylie Jenner wants to take her clothes off, she can't be stopped.

There's just nothing anyone can do about it. Sure, she USED to be the shy little sister on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," but her camera-shy days are OVER and her latest Snapchats prove just that.

The 19-year-old reality star and lip kit mogul took to both Instagram and Snapchat to show everyone how she's dressed (or undressed, rather) while she gets her makeup done.

Just before her boyfriend Tyga's Ferrari was repossessed as the couple shopped for a new Bentley, Kylie Jenner posted a few revealing snaps as she got all dolled up with the help of her makeup artist.

Here's the Instagram video. Apparently, Kylie's fans love when she strips down because this video racked up over 1.5 million views in under an hour.

Does anyone have a fan or an ice pack or anything that will help me deal with how hot it's getting here?! Damn, Kylie.

Her seductive Instagram post wasn't enough so she took her many talents to Snapchat.


In case you were wondering, Kylie Jenner gets her makeup done in her underwear.


After showing off what her glam sessions look like, Kylie also took some time to flash one of her many birthday gifts -- a $3,000 backpack from Versace.


Following Kylie's glam session and the birthday gift display, she posted a few more selfies of her finished look.

Looking good, Kylie!

Do you hate your life yet? I mean, if you do, it's OK.

I understand why you might be a little envious of a young lady like Kylie Jenner who flaunts her fit body in her undergarments as she gets her makeup done by a professional using HER OWN LINE OF COSMETICS.

Luckily, I'm a guy and the only thing I'm envious of is that Maybach she got for her birthday.

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