Kylie Jenner Looks Like She’s Smoking A Joint And Getting High In New IG Pic

by Eitan Levine

Yeahhhhhh, Kylie Jenner is PRETTY cooooooooool.

For everything the core Kardashian family members are known for, marijuana (or drug use for that matter) does not seem to be an issue with them.

They're pretty straight-laced and with the exception of potentially Rob Kardashian, who is Hollywood's most confusing cautionary tale at this point, the core family members don't openly seem to mess with illegal substances.

At the least, most of the family doesn't openly crush dat sticky dank 4/20 chronic. (I am not a cop.)

Kylie Jenner posted the following pic to her Instagram, and if you're wondering if Kylie is DOWN, the answer is a resounding, "Yes-she-down."

My editors have pointed out the line "if Kylie is DOWN" could be viewed as her being into cocaine.

She isn't into cocaine, I'm just not cool and don't know how cool people talk about doing drugs. I once asked a whole party if they wanted to "do weed." I feel like this is a good time to point out, again, I am not a cop.

It's unclear what exactly this photo was intended to be for or if she's smoking a real blunt, but it does appear to be part of a larger series and that's pretty phresh.

I'm sorry, literally everything I say now is making me seem like a cop.


The truth is, Kylie has a weird history of casually hinting at pot use several times in the past.

A little over a year ago, she uploaded this video to her Snapchat of her using some sort of vaping device.

A few weeks ago, she reportedly deleted a picture off Instagram of her blowing smoke out of her mouth.

Soooooo, what forms or Google Docs do I have to fill out in order to get a sesh in with Kylie? WHAT?! SESH IS A COOL WORD! I'M NOT A COP!