Kylie Jenner Eats The Same Thing For Breakfast Every Day And It's Not Healthy


Ever wonder what Kylie Jenner makes for breakfast?

Some people might think the 19-year-old star, who purchased her fourth home this year, eats caviar and 24-karat gold-topped pizza for just about every meal of the day.

It's believable.

Others probably think she doesn't even make her own breakfast. After all, Kylie's been pretty successful at a very young age thanks to her thriving beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics.

I'm here to tell you that both of those guesses are wrong. Kylie makes her own breakfast every day, and it has nothing to do with expensive imported foods. Instead, Kylie leans on eggs and fried meats. No, seriously, she does.


The 19-year-old star took to her official website and app to reveal what she eats for breakfast every day.

I seriously love being home and cooking for my friends and family, especially breakfast.

In a new post titled, "My Breakfast of Champions," Kylie Jenner says,

I make the same meal every morning because it's amazing and it's T's favorite. He always asks for it!

You hear that, people?! Tyga's a fan of Kylie's breakfast -- the same one she makes "every morning."

So, what is it? I'm sure the anticipation is killing you. Here's a hint: It's not caviar and diamonds like you thought.

Here's another hint: It's not this, either...

Thanks for being so patient. It turns out Kylie Jenner makes an egg and rice scramble with a side of sausage patties for breakfast every morning.

If you're interested in trying this simple but different breakfast meal, take notes from Chef Kylie. She continues,

I cook the eggs and rice together in a pan (sometimes I add cheese too) and in a separate skillet I fry up the sausage with a little olive oil for about 13-15 minutes until it's well-done… and voila!

Now, you know what Kylie and Tyga really eat for breakfast.

And it's not a cup of ramen noodles or lasagna (which she makes while wearing nothing but a pair of underwear).

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