Kylie Jenner's Dogs Clearly Have A Lot On Their Minds In This Amazing Photo

Instagram/ Kylie Jenner

We need to talk about Norman Jenner.

Earlier today, Kylie Jenner posted a breathtaking portrait of herself with her four dogs, Norman, Bambi, Ernie and Penny, on Instagram.

While all her pups are equally adorable, we can no longer ignore there is something the matter with Norman.

Cowering in the top left corner of the photo, Norman's fear pulls focus from his mother and siblings.

What, exactly, caused Norman's PTSD?

Some may assume the addition of new puppy Penny to the family has Norman shaking like your mom's vibrator* every time one of the “Magic Mike” movies hits On Demand.

Norman's dealt with new siblings before, though, and his deep concern didn't coincide with Penny's arrival.

Norm has ALWAYS...




Norman Jenner cannot speak English. He cannot speak at all. He is a dog.

The only way Norm can tell us something profoundly wrong is stirring in his psyche is with his giant, terrified eyeballs.

At our core, even as human beings, we are all Norman. It is up to all of us to reach out and save him.

*Sorry I made you think about your mom's vagina. She's a human being with needs, though. Respect her needs.** Don't be a dick.

**Sorry I said “needs”*** in reference to you mom. Twice.

***No I'm not.