Kylie Jenner's Butt Crack Makes A Guest Appearance On One Of Her T-Shirts

by Tim McGovern

When Kylie Jenner isn't posting photos of her bare butt in fishnets on Snapchat or potentially photoshopping her butt so it has ridiculous dimensions, she's putting her butt crack on her merchandize.

It's just as Alec Baldwin says in "Glengarry Glen Ross:"

ABC. Always Butt Cracking.

Sure, a butt crack might be unwelcome on your plumber, but on a T-shirt? Sure, if it's fashionable, why not?

This "Exclusive Cheeks Tee" will be available at the Kylie Shop at 9 am PST on Friday, so get ready to hit that refresh button so these shirts don't sell out faster than you can say, "I want Kylie's butt on my clothing right now!"

Did you scroll too fast and miss the booty picture featured on the T-shirt? I know, I know. You just have an extremely strong thumb.

Same, friend. Same.

Don't worry. I've got you covered. You don't even have to zoom in on the previous picture to see that famous crack up close and personal.

Uh oh! Someone get Kylie a belt or some suspenders! Heck, even a rope would do the trick.

Whoa, I just had a possibly true conspiracy theory come to mind.

What if Kylie doesn't know how to wear jeans? That would be really embarrassing, especially since she's 19 years old.

Also, as someone who has struggled with running low on boxers after refusing to do my laundry for an obscene amount of time, I can say going commando in jeans is extremely uncomfortable.

Just do your laundry, Kylie. You'll feel much better afterward.

Will you purchase this tee? I certainly will be... so I can take a picture of me wearing it with my jeans drooping low and my butt exposed and putting that photo on another T-shirt, which I will then sell on my own online shop.

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