Kylie Jenner Gives BFF Jordyn Woods $10,000


Kylie Jenner has her friend's back.

If you're familiar with Kylie or even just a casual viewer of her Snapchat, then you probably recognize her best friend Jordyn Woods.

Last week, Jordyn's father, John, died after being diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up in his memory by his wife, Elizabeth, to help with medical costs and the price of John's memorial service.

In the campaign, she wrote,

She also said,

As of press time, the campaign has raised just over $18,000 out of the goal amount of $50,000. One major reason behind that is Kylie Jenner.


Amid the comments of people who donated $10, $20 or even $100, Kylie Jenner left a simple message of love for the Woods family... and $10,000.


According to the campaign, John Woods was admitted to the ICU on December 17 after suffering from flu-like symptoms. There he was diagnosed with meningitis and required to stay in the hospital for three weeks.

After the doctors realized his state wasn't improving, they ran several tests on him. After biopsying his liver, they found out he had Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma that had metastasized to his pancreas, liver and brain.

The campaign info page explains,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Woods family.

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