Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Kiss Friends

You'd think the raging desire for someone to die with would settle after cuffing season lands everyone with a lover, but we all know the desire to pair up like penguins doesn't stop there once we've found a soulmate.

Enter couple friends.

Couple friends allow people who have already found The One to find The Two with whom they can carry on the tradition of courtship.

For Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, their couple of choice is actor Ryan Hansen and cinematographer Amy Russell, whom they proved their love for with a four-person “SuperSpouse” kiss in the snow.

On Tuesday, Ryan posted a photo of the two-tiered tongue humping (JK, these kisses weren't French. I just wanted to write “tongue humping” more than anything.) on Instagram.

Dax shared a similar photo on his own Instagram, though his featured WAY less tongue humping, on a scale of one to tongue humping.

The SuperSpouses go way back. We're talking “Veronica Mars” back. Ryan played Dick Casablancas on Kristen's cult teen drama and Amy is a former roommate of the actress.

According to some crack detective work by Bustle's Marisa Lascala, Amy was the lone witness at Dax and Kristen's wedding, which took place the same day Kristen shot a love scene with Ryan for the "Veronica Mars" movie.

During a visit to "Ellen," Kristen told the host,

The interesting thing about that is [Amy's] husband is an actor, Ryan Hansen, and I was going to work later that day and had a fairly intimate scene with him... So when I left my wedding I said to my best friend, 'Thanks for witnessing my wedding, I'm going to make pretend love to your husband.' And I did.

Don't give me that judgmental face. This is what couple friendship is all about. Get used to it or get the hell out of the sex hut.

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