Kourtney And Kim's Adorable Birthday Messages For Penelope Will Make Your Day


Without question, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's adorable Instagram posts celebrating Penelope Disick's 5th birthday provided a cuteness overload.

If you recall, P and her BFF/cousin North West celebrated their big days with a joint Moana-themed party that most likely put your childhood birthdays to shame. There were costumes, bouncy castles, and of course, a pretty fantastic-looking cake.

Stepping away from Moana, mama Kourt posted an insanely cute picture of her little lady in a floral dress on July 8 with the caption, "I can not believe my baby girl is 5 years old today. Happy Birthday my sweet angel. I feel so blessed to be her mommy every morning that I wake up next to her."

Girlfriend's outfit is totally chic and on point. And the oversized balloons — some of which are bigger than P — perfectly capture the birthday spirit.

Speaking of birthday spirit, here's another snap from Kourt where Penelope is looking anything but pleased. It's her party and she can cry if she wants to, folks.

Loving the tutu, P! You look so sweet I'm going to overlook the fact that your lipstick is about to smear all over your face (and the fact that you're wearing lipstick in the first place).

Auntie Kim was up on the Instagram birthday action and shared a photo of daughter North with her partner in crime, P. Kim seems especially grateful for the fact that North has a forever friend in Penelope.

"Happy Birthday my sweet P!" Kim wrote. "Thank you for being the best friend to my North! I love you!"

Ugh, our hearts! If that wasn't enough to make you "aww," catch this video of the pint-size Thelma and Louise about to embark on a mermaid-themed birthday party... all while in some pretty adventurous-looking high heels.

Though it's been a busy week for the Kardashian clan — particularly thanks to Rob and Chyna's ongoing feud — Penelope got her well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

She concluded her birthday in the best way possible: teaching us all how to make some slime.

Happy Birthday, P!