Kim K Made Crying Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Kimojis

Finally, we have Kim Kardashian's hot take on the 2016 US presidential election.

That take is this: our president and all presidential nominees should be crying.

Thankfully, because of these new Kimojis, I will now remember to go out and vote on November 8.

I totally get why Kim chose to make the politicians crying, because that is how I feel every time I think of the current situation of this election.

Kim Kardashian

Now I don't even have to actually go to the polls to get my cool sticker that makes people believe I made a difference. I can just text an "I Voted" to the group chat.

(Do not do that, actually go out and vote.)

Hmmm, while these Kimojis do seem a bit unbiased, we wonder where Kim K's true support lies...

Is a selfie an endorsement? Who can say, but I only take selfies with people that I know love America. I am a patriot.

If you already have the app, then the new Kimojis are free!

And now that Kim has contributed to the race, I too feel as though I should get involved in some way.

Donations? Volunteering? Hmmm... no, no. I'm just going to send my friend a crying Donald Trump.

They'll get it.

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