Kim Kardashian Throws It Way Back On Snapchat With These Family Photos


Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to show off some old photos of her family, and we didn't even have to wait for Throwback Thursday.

The reality TV star was visiting with her cousin, Cici Bussey, while she was in Texas for her husband Kanye West's concert at Houston's Toyota Center tonight.

There, she and Cici looked at old photos of their family together, which Kimmy was nice enough to share with her fans.

Kim K said,

We brought the kids to see Cici and she's showing me all these old photos... that's my grandmother!

Who would have thought that Kim's grandma was the only blonde in the family?

I mean, I don't look anything like my grandmother! But she always tells me, "Get away from me! I don't know you! You aren't my grandchild," so who knows?

This snap even showed her family out at the historic Frank Sennes' Moulin Rouge Hollywood.

It reminds us of a time before selfies, when a camera person would come around asking if you would like a snap of your dinner table. How long did they have to wait to get those? Were they like... sent in the mail?

This is why we are so blessed to have Instagram -- so our friends know right away that we're out having fun without them.

Check out those dad 'staches! What a time to be alive!

Man, it is so crazy how different Kim's family photos are from my family's own old photos!

Of course, most of ours were destroyed when the ol' Dust Bowl rolled through... Folks just weren't the same after that.

And also all our pictures got super dusty, and my ancestors were probably like, "Ew, gross, LOL."

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