Kim Kardashian Posted The Cutest Video Of Saint West And He Looks So Grown Up

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seriously know how to make adorable AF babies because their little ones are cuter than pretty much anything. Kim K posted literally the cutest new videos of Saint West, their brand new 1-year-old baby, and he looks like a tiny, little Zebra baby. I just want to squeeze him! Help me.

Kim K posted to her Snapchat on July 27 showing off how sweet and well-behaved her little one is, and we cannot physically take it. Cuteness overload. In the short video of Saint, Kim says, "Is that a bunny dinosaur? Say dinosaur." Saint then mumbles back, "saur" with the cutest baby voice ever. Then (if that wasn't cute enough), the 1-year-old sticks out his tongue. Ahh! Quickly after, Saint growls into the camera like a dinosaur and my baby-obsessed hormones shot through the roof.

The reality star and Snapchat queen used the Zebra filter on Saint, calling it a "bunny dinosaur." Although Kim might've missed the mark on the filter she was using on Saint, we certainly appreciate a baby using a Snapchat filter. What's cuter than that? Can every baby picture be a Snapchat filter?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed Saint West into the world on December 2016 and we've been obsessing over this baby ever since. Kim has posted photos on her IG saying, "Oh my goodness he is scrumptious," and "He is my twin! I mean North's baby pics look like mine, too, but Saint I think looks more like me, and North like Kanye." Don't worry North, we have not forgotten about you.

Kim, please continue to use Snapchat filters on all of your babies. Who says cell phone screens are bad for kids? Certainly not me. Keep up the good work and don't forget about North. We need to see plenty from that kid, too. But for now, we are headed North, toward Saint.