Kim Kardashian Really Wants You To Know She's Not A Feminist


Kim Kardashian would really like you to not call her a feminist, despite the fact that she totally believes in feminism... apparently.

Oh, Kim.

Last week, Kim said at a conference that she doesn't think she's a feminist because although she loves and supports women, she's not a "free the nipple type girl."

On Monday, she elaborated on that sentiment in a blog post on her website called, "Why I Don't Label Myself A Feminist."

Kim said in the post that while she understands why so many are prone to call her a feminist — and while she definitely believes in feminism — she just doesn't feel comfortable with the label.

She wrote,

So, Kim wants to fight for women's rights. But hearing the word "feminist" is way too scary, I guess?

It's getting a little confusing, to be honest. This is especially because everything Kim described in that blog post can be labeled as "feminism."

Sigh. I guess I'll just hold out for a Beyoncé-level transformation from Kim someday.

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