Kim K Promotes Morning Sickness Pill After Getting Slammed Over It 2 Years Ago

by Dylan Kickham

Kim Kardashian loves a good sponsored Instagram post, but her latest piece of #sponcon might be her greatest work yet.

It's a strange combination of #ad and #TBT, as Kim is seen looking at an old ad for the morning sickness drug, Diclegis, which she posted two years ago when she was pregnant with Saint West.


She took to Instagram on April 13 with a Photoshopped nod to the two-year-old sponsored post, and her novel of a caption really put things over the edge.

It looks like Kim is poking a bit of fun at a controversy surrounding her first ad for Diclegis, and maybe being a little shady as well? That's up for interpretation.

But why is Kim promoting a morning sickness drug when she's not pregnant?

Check out the wild new post below and than we can unpack what's going on:

Obviously, it's raising some eyebrows since Kim is (presumably) not experiencing morning sickness right now — though People did report she is trying for baby number three.

In terms of that strange Photoshop and why her first ad was so controversial, there's weirdly a lot going on here, so stick with me.

OK, so back in 2015 when she was still pregnant with Saint West, Kim first posted an ad for Diclegis to her Instagram.

It included a close-up photo of the reality starlet holding up a pill bottle, along with a caption raving about how the drug helped her morning sickness at no risk to her pregnancy.

But the post didn't sit well with the FDA, who issued a a letter to Kardashian asking her to take the post down for not adequately disclosing the risks associated with the drug.

Kim posted a "#CorrectiveAd" that included a ton of copy listing the safety information and potential risks of the drug.


Kim's new sponsored pic includes safety information that's even longer than her initial #CorrectiveAd, and it's clear she is referencing the past controversy by Photoshopping her 2015 Diclegis ad onto her phone in the new pic.

If there's one thing that Kim has totally mastered, it's her expert use of social media to define her brand, and this post may be the most prominent example of that.

Kim subtly poked fun at her own public controversy and turned it into a joke, and she got paid by Diclegis to do it! Iconic.

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