Khloé Kardashian's BF Tristan Thompson Had A Baby

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian added a royal baby to the already royally-heavy Kardashian family tree.

On December 12, Tristan and his ex Jordan Craig, who randomly happens to be the cousin of Kevin Hart's wife (BOOM: have fun at Bar Trivia later!), welcomed a new son into the world.

Having the baby is the easy part though (FOR TRISTAN! Put down your pitchforks,, the hard part really comes when it's time to name your kid.

Do you give him a family name? Maybe a biblical name? Maybe you just write a bunch of royal sounding words down on refrigerator magnets, throw them on a magnetic surface and just use whatever sticks?

The couple named the kid Prince Oliver Craig Thompson, so I'm assuming they used that last method for naming him.

Because of Tristan's relationship with Khloé Kardashian, Prince Oliver Craig Thompson joins an already royal-name heavy family.

If Khloé and Tristan were to get married, Prince Oliver Craig Thompson would technically be cousins with Saint West and *spends four years getting astrophysics degree* double half cousins with King Cairo.

As of press time Tristan, Khloé and Jordan have yet to release a statement.

Speaking of Jordan Craig, she is maybe the most glamorous person of all time. She's been posting pictures of pregnant self on her Instagram and, holy effing doodyballs, this woman is like the lady version of Versailles.

She looks better pregnant than most people look at their prom.

How? How is this possible? What demon did Jordan Craig cut a deal with in order to make all of this possible?

I honestly could not tell you if she was pregnant in this photo or just a little bloated.

Congratulations to Jordan, Tristan and Khloé (I guess? I don't know how these weird love things work).

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