Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Nipples For Valentine's Day


It looks like Valentine's Day came early for Tristan Thompson!

On Wednesday night, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin added a sexy picture of Khloé Kardashian wearing nothing but white lingerie.


Her hair was straight and her lips were red, but the focus of the shot was CLEARLY on the girl's nips. Hello, babies!

Jen captioned the photo,

Oh, OK. Cool. Here's what the caption should actually say:

Yeah, we all know the heart emojis over Khloé's nips scream, "Tristan, please, come have my babies."

The photo was posted right after the "Revenge Body" host said she was interested in marrying the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star.

The two have been together for only five months, but it probably feels like years when you have to shave your legs and practice good personal hygiene every day.

Haha, what's showering?!

Instagram/Khloé Kardashian

On top of that, a source recently told ET,

In the video above, you can also hear Khloé tell Extra she hopes Tristan is "the one."

OOPS, sorry, Lamar. It looks like your ex is officially over you.

Khloé gushes about her new bae LITERALLY whenever she gets the chance.

In December, she was on the cover of Health magazine and told them,

Oh, you love athletes? Could have fooled me!

Well, Khloé, I wish you and Tristan the best. Please invite me to the wedding... I bet you guys will have dope snacks.

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