Khloé K Reveals Simple Travel Hack She Uses To Look Flawless After Long Flight

by Taylor Ortega

Just because none of us will probably ever get the chance to fly private to Cuba, or wherever, doesn't mean we can't look fresh as hell walking off a commercial flight to visit our grandparents in Orlando.

Khloé Kardashian understands, even though we're a bunch of anonymous poors, we deserve to feel rejuvenated after a long day of travel.

On her app, the “Revenge Body” host wrote,

I spend so much of my life on an airplane that I've definitely nailed down my routine for looking and feeling fresh when I land. Hear me when I say it's all about staying HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED, people.

HYDRATED? Got it. MOISTURIZED? Kind of sounds like the same thing, but got it. Too. Also.

She added,

I always buy a liter of water before my flight and my goal is to finish it before I land. Also, since I'm so crazy about my hands, the second I sit down, I put on cuticle oil. Even though I put sunscreen on my hands every day, my cuticles are still so dry, so I make sure to take care of that right away. I also like to spritz my face with rosewater spray to keep moisture locked in. Plus, it just feels really nice.

She's not kidding about rosewater spray.

You can buy hydrosols pretty much anywhere skincare stuff is sold, whether that means your local drug store, good ol' Sephora or an aromatherapy supply store (there's one in New York called Enfleurage where I like to just stand and inhale deeply for long periods of time while I pretend I'm a far more serene, centered human being).

Rose water spray is absurdly hydrating, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. Also, it makes your face feel like a dewy garden at sunrise.

If you don't trust me -- and why would you? I am not even a real person. I am a broom wearing sunglasses -- trust KoKo and her glowing skin.

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