Kevin Jonas Shared The First Photo Of His Baby Girl And She's Beyond Adorable


I mess with my girlfriend all the time about getting married and planning for the future, but, in reality, I can't wait for the day I get to hold my first child in my arms.

Late Sunday night, Kevin Jonas shared an unbelievably personal moment with the world when he posted the first photo of his baby girl on Instagram.

Jonas' baby girl's name is Valentina, and as you can see in the photo below, she's beyond adorable.


The caption for Kevin Jonas' photo read,

Say hello to my newest love Valentina.

Hear that? It's the sound of hearts all over the world melting in unison. Come on, Kevin, post a more adorable picture. I dare you.

The way Kevin Jonas looked into his baby girl's eyes is so perfect it doesn't even seem real. Like I said, I pray I'm able to have a similar moment at some point in the future.

Valentina is the 28-year-old's second daughter with his wife, Danielle, and was reportedly born last Thursday. I'm sure Valentina's older sister, 2-year-old Alena Rose, is beyond excited to have a sibling.


Despite Kevin Jonas' adorable Instagram post, the initial news of Valentina's birth was made public by Nick Jonas, who took to Twitter to proclaim his excitement over being "an uncle again!"


Nick Jonas wrote,

AHH! I'm an uncle again! Congrats to my brother and sister in law on the birth of their new beautiful baby girl. @kevinjonas @daniellejonas

You have to be pretty pumped for the eldest of the Jonas Bros, right? Like, who would be so cruel as to wish this man and his family anything but the best of luck for the future?

I know, you wouldn't, but I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here. The Jonases continue to give us the ultimate family goals, and I sincerely doubt that's going to change at any point in the near future.

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