The Meaning Of Kesha's "Hymn" Is Actually Super Deep


Kesha did it again and she can't stop DOING IT. Her latest song "Hymn" is beautiful, powerful, and resonating with fans just like her two previous hits, "Praying" and "Woman." Plus, the meaning of Kesha's song "Hymn" is super deep.

Kesha has been outspoken about incorporating her personal experience with God in her music, but for her, it's not about religion, it's about faith. She has been outspoken about her struggles with depression, and her latest compilation of music (and her first album in four years) is about that journey. In an essay she wrote for Lenny Letter, she candidly discussed how she found the light in a dark place, and that her fans helped guide her there.

In an essay she wrote for Lenny Letter, Kesha explained,

This song speaks entirely to that notion. Here are the lyrics:

I know. It gets me, too. As a gift to us, Kesha explained the meaning behind the song even further in a personal letter to her fans.

In it, she wrote,

She added,

Listen to the full song below and love, love, love it.

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