Kerry Washington Rocks Baby Bump On Emmys Red Carpet


Let's not let how amazing Kerry Washington looked on the Emmys red carpet make us emotional, except SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GLOWING, AND I AM WEEPING FOR MY FUTURE CHILDREN AND THE CHANGES THEY WILL ONE DAY BRING TO MY WOMANLY FORM.


Kerry Washington showed up on the 2016 Emmys red carpet looking like she was late for the world's most gorgeous coven.

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for her role as attorney and activist Anita Hill in HBO's "Confirmation," Kerry shared some insight on the life-changing experience with E! News at a New York screening.

She said,

In tow at Sunday's award show was Kerry's yet unborn second child, looking super cute but ultimately totally obscured by his or her mom's stunning cutout dress and admirable talent.

Fans love her look, H to T.

Keep slaying, Ker.

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