Kendall Jenner Has Trouble Hailing Cabs, Even When She Shows Off Her Side Boob

by Taylor Ortega

Back home in Calabasas, Kendall Jenner doesn't have to worry about catching cabs to get from place to place.

New York, on the other hand, presents an interesting challenge for the model, considering this city does not give one sick pigeon shit where you need to be and when.

In a new post on her app, titled "I HAVE TROUBLE HAILING CABS, TOO!" Kenny shared the story behind an Instagram post previously captioned with simply a cab emoji.

She wrote,

My friend Moises took this shot of me. It was in New York City and I was with him and Jaden. We had just left Nobu after dinner and were trying to get a cab. That's Jaden's security behind me and those are Jaden's sneakers peeking out of the darkness. All three of us are hailing a cab and we never got one—they kept driving right past us! Even with my side boob, lol.

Kendall didn't specify whether the group hopped on the subway and trusted the MTA (hahahaha LOL) to get them to their destination in a timely manner, but odds are Kendall generally calls Uber in a pinch.

Despite being temporarily banned from the app back in August, Kendall remains, according to sister Kim Kardashian West, “a 'model' passenger!!!!!”

Kendall's insinuation that an eyeful of side-boob is an acceptable form of payment could explain why the car service unceremoniously banned her from ordering cabs, but Kenny doesn't care. Her boobliefs are well documented.

In another post on her app, from September, she shared,

Lately, it's like I'm either braless or I have my bra out, LOL. I'm all about freeing the nipple! ...I just think it's cool to show off what's under your shirt — whether that's a cute bralette or just skin.

Yes, Kendall. We know. You're a nip fiend. You're nip crazy. You're nipsessed. Your favorite Broadway show is Nippin'. You've seen every movie starring Academy Award winner Nip Torn. Your brother-in-law once played for the LA Lakers, but you're more of an LA Nippers fan yourself.

We -- just -- we know.

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