Kendall Jenner Wants The World To Know She's 'All About Freeing The Nipple'


Countless celebrities have voiced their support for the #FreeTheNipple movement, a campaign geared toward advancing gender equality and opposing sexual objectification on a global scale.

The latest celebrity to openly support the movement is none other than the one and only Kendall Jenner. The 20-year-old model recently took to her official website to reveal that she's "all about" baring it all and "freeing the nipple."

Whether she's gracing the cover of a popular fashion magazine or simply walking down the street as paparazzi flock amongst her, Kendall Jenner has made it entirely clear that "freeing the nipple" is a big part of her lifestyle.

In a post titled "Braless, Bralettes or Bust!" on her website, Jenner reveals,

Lately, it's like I'm either braless or I have my bra out, LOL. I'm all about freeing the nipple!

In other words, Kendall Jenner doesn't have time to cover up for the sole purpose of your comfortability or what society deems acceptable.

Instead, she confidently struts her stuff across catwalks at shows for fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Victoria's Secret without a care in the world.

Not to mention, her Instagram account proudly displays her support for the movement in various photos.

I'll admit if there's any young starlet out there who can bring more eyes to such a powerful movement, it's Kenny.

Here she is braless on the cover of Vogue Germany.

The star continued,

I just think it's cool to show off what's under your shirt — whether that's a cute bralette or just skin.

Alright, so clearly Kendall isn't going to really speak on the gender equality argument involved in the movement, but maybe that's her point...

You know, ignoring all of the predictable conversation centered around females "freeing the nipple" and just doing it instead. Get inspired.

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