Kendall Jenner Hangs With Kylie's BF Travis Scott In Instagram Pic

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In case you were wondering how Kylie Jenner is doing with her new fella, Travis Scott, big sis Kendall Jenner is here to show the world that young love is alive and well (or so it seems, according to social media).

The 21-year-old model took to Instagram to share a poolside pic in her bikini and sunglasses while Travis cools off in the water... with a towel over his head. In fact, you wouldn't actually know who is in the photo until you check out Kendall Jenner's tag.

A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott — which fella are you showing off, Kenny? What kind of secrets are you trying to keep from us?

Yes, yes, it is baby sister Kylie's 25-year-old rapper boyfriend under the towel (so says the tag, anyway), which must mean things are going well if he is hanging out with his girlfriend's family, right? Kendall simply captions the photo with the fire emoji.

I have to say, regardless of who is or isn't under that towel, I'd be willing to hop in that fine-looking pool because it is pretty darn hot in New York and iOS doesn't have enough flame emojis to express just how uncomfortable it can get in my apartment.

But let's flip over to Kylie's Instagram. The young starlet's latest snaps are either photos of her upcoming Kylie Cosmetic products or sexy selfies. It seems her page is clear of her new boyfriend.

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After an emotional on-again, off-again relationship with her ex, Tyga — who has some choice words for his former flame — Kylie seems to be keeping things on the down low this time around. Though the two have been spotted at basketball games and at the rapper's concerts, everything seems — dare I say— low-key... at least so far.

Will Kylie put up her own pic of Travis in the near future? Hopefully, he won't have a towel on his head for the next shot.