9 Ways To Wear Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Clothing Line Even If You Have No Style

by Jamie LeeLo
Getty Images

Well, well, well. If it isn't our favorite Jenner sisters coming out with their second clothing collection.

If you aren't a robot with no feelings, interests or access to social media, you've probably seen Kendall and Kylie Jenner teasing their new collection for some time, wondering -- how will I rock it?!

It's finally here and it's... ya know... clothes.

A lot of the pieces are pretty straightforward. Some black shirts. Some black dresses. Some white shorts. And then there are sommmeeeee not so straightforward pieces.

You might be perusing the collection thinking, "I want to wear that, I just don't know how!"

Don't worry, I shop at Old Navy and for those reasons, I know what I'm doing.

Here are nine ways to rock KENDALL + KYLIE clothes.

Rainbow Trim Bodysuit: $145


This top is very, very chill. This is for when you're like, "I want to just wear a tank top, but ALSO would love to rock a thong."

Wear it with: Jorts, metallic flip flops, aviators and probably a joint.

Wear it to: An old school drive-in movie theater and pretend you're in the '80s.

Grommet Vintage Jeans: $195


These pants are very, very chill. This is for when you're like, "I want to look like I survived a battle, but also be comfortable."

Wear it with: A casual white t-shirt to keep it simple, some hot pink nail polish and a resting bitch face.

Wear it to: Pick apples, go get ice cream or during movie night.

Dutchess Satin Shopping Bag: $125


OMG, this bag is supes chill. This is for when you're like, "I want to look like I'm doing laundry, but I actually would like to just be carrying my wallet around." Oh and, "Also, I would like to spend $125 on my laundry bag."

Wear it with: PJ pants and slippers.

Wear it to: The laundromat.

Knit Rib Corset Dress: $250


This dress is the chillest of chill. This is for when you're like, "I need to be formal but also want to free the nipple at the same time."

Wear it with: Some serious neck and shoulder tattoos, a cigarette and modern bob haircut.

Wear it to: A black tie affair or a protest for women's rights.

Majestic Norman Tee: $115


UGH. CHILL. This if for when you're like, "I want people to think I don't take myself seriously, but it's clear I do take myself seriously... ya know?"

Wear it with: Skinny jeans, a milk shake and a glow in the dark necklace.

Wear it to: The carnival, to pump your gas or as a nightgown in bed.

Latex Bustier Dress: $395


Please don't make me tell you that this dress is so chill. It's obvious. This is for when you're like, "I want to look like I'm made out of plastic but sweat like my feet would sweat if I was running a marathon in loafers with no socks."

Wear it with: No underwear.

Wear it to: Your niece's Sweet 16.

Bossed Up Moto Jacket: $1,495


Super chill-chique. This is for when you're like, "I have $1,500 to spend on street art, but I'd rather just buy a jacket."

Wear it with: A flask, gold chains and a spray paint can.

Wear it to: That street dance-off between the two gangs in West Side Story.

Call Me Kendall Oversized Tee: $75


CHILLLLLLL!!!!! IM CHILLY! THIS IS SO CHILL! This is for when you're like, "I'd like to look like I stopped at one of the Jersey Shore DIY T-shirt shops, but I would also like to spend $75."

Wear it with: Huge sunglasses and a bathingsuit.

Wear it to: The beach or a picnic.

Normie Backpack: $250


Literally what even is chill if it's not this backpack? This is for when you're like, "How can I most efficiently give people nightmares AND carry my lap top charger around?"

Wear it with: A shovel, some gloves and garbage bags.

Wear it to: The murder scene you are probably setting up later.

And there you have it! Nine easy, breezy ways to rock Kendall + Kylie fashion this summer. You guys are so chill.

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