Kate Middleton Took A Commercial Flight, Because Celebs Are Just Like Us



All the years you spent crying over the fact your love of A) commercial airlines and B) the royal family would never synchronize probably seem like a pretty dramatic waste of time now that the Duchess of Cambridge is storing her tiara in the same overhead compartment as some fugly nobody's carry-on.

Kate left her children, George and Charlotte, with her husband, Prince William, as she journeyed to the Netherlands this week.

Her trip, Cosmopolitan reports, included a visit with King Willem-Alexander, a roundtable discussion with charities she supports and a stroll through the ol' Mauritshuis museum in The Hague.

Kate Visits The Netherlands #katemiddleton #duchessofcambridge pic.twitter.com/L9RPo5arjt — Kate Middleton (@KateMiddleton02) October 11, 2016

When she was done tearin' up the damn town, Nether-style, ya girl hopped on a 7:15 pm commercial British Airways flight home.

Bodyguards escorted her onto the plane, but once she slid through the first class curtains in that periwinkle Katherine Walker suit, a source told the New Zealand Herald he had “never seen so many iPhones pop up at once.”

When the plane landed back home, a car was waiting for the Duchess on the tarmac so she could avoid the crowds, the baggage claim and the age-old struggle of avoiding airport Cinnabon after you've already gotten a hot whiff of airport Cinnabon.

Her ability to glide onto a commercial flight and command respect and some level of privacy  -- photos aside, it's shocking she wasn't mobbed by adoring citizens -- is a testament to Kate's overall presence.

She is smooth as the top of her husband's head in a claustrophobic environment that could have quickly escalated into a situation hairier than the top of her husband's head (was in the '90s).

Dang, Kate. You just earned yourself a pair of yoga pants and a neck pillow partially soaked in a stranger's drool. Join us normals again any time.

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