Kate Hudson Reveals Why She Doesn't Talk About Dating


When you live in the spotlight, people are naturally going to be curious about every single detail of your life.

That, of course, includes dating.  Gossip magazines make it their business to inform fans of who is hooking up with whom, for how long and cash in on all the messy breakup stories.

But Kate Hudson doesn't feed into that. The actress and entrepreneur recently spoke about keeping mum about her love life to Marie Claire.

She tends not to go public with her relationships because being a mother is her number one priority.

She doesn't want to have her sons Ryder Robinson, 12, and Bingham Bellamy, 5, to hear all the deets about their mom's love life.

She said,

She has a fantastic point. Imagine having to hear all about your mom's beau all over the magazines?

Hudson is still close to her sons' fathers, Chris Robinson and Matthew Bellamy. She spoke about making friendships work with an ex,

Hudson certainly has it together. Now if only I could stop telling people about my love life (it does not exist).

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