Kanye West Threw Out New Designer Furniture, Kim K Pissed

Kanye gonna Kanye, right?

In case you were unaware, Kanye West does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, which is why I'm not even surprised by the following story.

Despite spending "nearly all of his money" on new designer furniture for his Calabasas, California home, the 39-year-old rapper reportedly hated everything and decided to get rid of all of it.


According to, Kanye hired celebrity interior designer Sandy Gallin to transform the inside of the Kardashian-West crib, but the lyricist rejected everything as soon as it was put in place, ultimately opting to put the furniture into storage.

Speaking on the interior decorating project from hell, a source reportedly said,

Kanye walked into the house, decided he hated all the furniture brought in by Gallin, and demanded it be returned to the vendors. But they refused to take it back, so he took it all out and threw it into storage. He then spent a fortune on a new set of furniture.

Damn, that's pretty Kanye of Kanye West, but the story doesn't end there.

Apparently, Kanye immediately moved on from Gallin and hired Axel Vervoordt to re-design the interior of his house, which reportedly didn't sit too well with his wife, Kim Kardashian.


Kim is apparently pissed because the project is beyond expensive and "the house still isn't ready."

According to a source,

Kanye spends so much money and he's holding everything up. Kim just wants to be settled at home, especially after everything that happened in Paris.

You can't really blame Kim Kardashian, can you? The 36-year-old just wants to eat tomato soup and chill in the comfort of her own, finished home. Is that too much to ask for?


Come on, Kanye; where are your priorities?

Apparently, Kanye spent $30,000 on a couch he hated. Suddenly, I don't think I can complain anymore about the IKEA furniture I needed three days and three 12-packs to put together.

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