Entertainment — This Kanye West-Inspired Art Gallery Is A Shrine To Yeezy
by Robert Anthony

It isn't hard to love Kanye West. Just ask Kanye himself.

I'm sure he wouldn't think it'd be too crazy of an idea to create an entire art gallery inspired by him. He'd also probably think it'd be a genius idea to have over 300 artists contribute their Kanye-themed artwork to this gallery.

That's exactly why he'd definitely LOVE the Kanye West-inspired art gallery that serves as an epic shrine dedicated to Mr. West.

The shrine-like gallery was created by Matty Mo, a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist simply known as "The Most Famous Artist."

In a new video published by Elite Daily, Matty gives us a tour of #KanyeLovesKanye, an art exhibition featuring the world's largest collection of Kanye West portraits. Out of the 300 art pieces contributed, 50 were chosen to be displayed.

The idea for this Yeezy-obsessed exhibition was inspired by one portrait of Kanye composed by Matty Mo that garnered so much attention, Matty Mo decided to go BIG. He said,

I knew I was onto something.

At that moment, the idea for the epic #KanyeLovesKanye art exhibition was born.

Matty revealed,

People came from far and wide to experience this temple that we've created for one of the 21st century's great art icons, Kanye West. And what's cool about this is that every single artist involved has a unique style. We're using an artist that's overhyped, like Kanye West, to get exposure for artists that are underhyped.

Two words: fucking genius!

The two-minute video walks viewers through an elaborate Kanye West shrine you can't find anywhere else. Each portrait is laid out strategically so spectators are able to snap the perfect Instagram photo of each piece.

The mood is set with a carefully crafted environment, which includes Buddhist monks chanting in the background, burning incense and a whole lot of candles.

An artist who contributed his work to the gallery said,

It's not your normal expo. It's something that like you're for sure going to remember forever.

I personally haven't had the chance to check out the exhibition, but this dude is right... I'm already going to remember this forever.

I know the 700+ people that showed up do!

Up until this gallery came about, the only Kanye shrines that existed were in the form of Yeezy shoeboxes stacked on top of each other in people's closets!

Matty Mo concludes,

Warhol became a celebrity because of Marilyn. And similarly, I can become the most famous artist because of Kanye.

He's not wrong...

Check out the epic video above!