Kanye Let A Stranger Rap For Him On The Street And It's Amazing

Kanye West isn't known as the nicest guy in the world, but this weekend, he did something pretty damn generous and seemingly out of character.

In LA last night, Kanye was leaving a Big Sean concert with Justin Bieber. I have no clue why those two are hanging out, but they were.

Anyway, Kanye was approached by a random stranger, begging Kanye to give his music a listen.

The stranger's name is Cameron Grey and, amazingly, Kanye gave him a shot. Yeezy told Grey to rap for him on the spot. Grey obliged and busted out some pretty sweet freestyle raps.

Kanye was smiling and seemed to be impressed. He wasn't ready to hand the guy a record deal right then and there, but he did tentatively offer Grey a job as an assistant.

Sometimes, if you wind up in the right place at the right time, magical things happen.

It was all caught on tape by TMZ.