8 Reasons The Kanye And Taylor Collaboration Was Bound To Happen

by Jen Ruiz

Everyone is freaking out because apparently, hell has frozen over and pigs are flying. In other words, Taylor Swift and Kanye West recently had dinner together at a restaurant in New York.

This is all shortly after their highly publicized truce at the Grammys, six years since Kanye infamously interrupted Taylor’s VMA acceptance speech.

The two were spotted dining together at the Spotted Pig in the West Village, and articles are running rampant with speculation about the details of that evening, from the meals consumed to the timeline of the pair’s upcoming studio debut.

While the world is shocked by the reconciliation, I, for one, am not fazed. In fact, I saw it coming.

The Taylor and Kanye phenomenon makes perfect sense -- here are eight reasons why:

1. Kanye is basically responsible for Taylor’s career.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Taylor Swift as much as the next girl. Her songs are ridiculously addictive and I’m convinced they directly reference my love life.

But, it is doubtful Taylor would have skyrocketed to the record-breaking proportions she’s at now without a little help from her haters along the way. I mean, Norah Jones was talented and a "Best New Artist" winner, too, but where is she now?

Just think back to all the celebrities who jumped to Taylor’s side after the jaw-dropping moment Kanye walked onto the stage at the VMAs.

Suddenly, she went from being known by a few teenage girls to being known across the world as the girl from whom Kanye so rudely stole the spotlight.

He catapulted her to global fame and helped build her name recognition, paving the way for the Taylor brand we know today.

2. Taylor wants to be friends with everyone.

As we saw from Taylor’s insistence that Jay Z accompany her to brunch, this girl does not take no for an answer. She wants to be loved by everyone.

She’s the kind of artist who’s known for going above and beyond for her fans, and is always trying to help a cause.

Did you really expect her to hold on to hate in her heart? The Kanye beef was almost certainly eating away at her pure, altruistic soul.

3. Kanye loves Kanye.

If there’s one undisputed fact on which everyone can agree, it’s Kanye loves Kanye. So, Kanye is going to do what’s best for Kanye.

With Taylor’s newest album going platinum, he probably recognized that continuing to shut her out wasn’t the best business decision.

4. Taylor’s style is evolving.

Celebrities who grow up in the public eye hate to be pigeon-holed into one genre.

Taylor broke away from the country music mold with her latest album, and now she’s going against the grain by collaborating with Kanye.

She’s growing up; her style is evolving, and she’s going to continue to reinvent herself, like all good artists.

5. Opposites attract.

The wholesome, all-American girl meets the raw, egotistical rapper. Musical genius ensues.

There’s a reason people say variety is the spice of life.

6. The two share a fan base.

While they may be opposites, the two appeal to the Top 40 crowd, and it makes sense we’d see them working together.

7. Hating someone is a lot of work.

If you have an arch nemesis, you know this statement to be true. Hating someone takes a lot of work and is extremely draining.

Imagine how hard it had to have been for Kanye to not sing along or bob his head every time a Taylor song came on, or vice versa. Usually, it’s easier to just let go.

8. Time heals all wounds.

I know what Kanye did was unforgiveable, but it was also six years ago. Taylor’s grown up since then, and Kanye is married with a daughter.

People change, and time tends to take the sting away from even the worst wounds.

So, for those of you who may still be taking in the shock of this unforeseen duo, embrace it! Looks like Tanye is here to stay.