Justin Timberlake Wants Britney Spears To 'Give Him A Call' And We Can't Wait

This is all just too much. TOO MUCH, I TELL YOU.

Remember back in August when Britney Spears said she'd definitely collaborate with former flame Justin Timberlake?

Well, JT has just gone and said the same thing!!

No joke. While at the premiere of his Netflix documentary "Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids," E! asked if he'd ever sing with Britney Spears after her comments. He replied,

She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely. I have a 17 month old so I don't get the headline news. I apologize for not being in the know…I'm accessible, give us a call!

There it is, ladies and gentlemen -- a juicy number one single just waiting for release.

Earlier this summer, Britney dropped by “Most Requested Live with Romeo” to answer some fans' questions, when she made the comment us '90s kids have been waiting years to hear.

When asked about an artist Britney would want to work with in the future, she responded,

I would love to work with… Aerosmith seems really good and bright. He's a genius, I think. And, he's very rock n' roll. He sings from his soul. Gwen Stefani — I think she's great. Justin Timberlake is very good.


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