The Price Of A Single Justin Bieber Ticket Has The Internet Losing Its Mind

by Eitan Levine

A bunch of Justin Bieber fans in India are currently deciding whether to pay for three months of rent or go see Justin live on his Purpose World Tour.

Take a wild guess at how much Justin Bieber is charging for the Mumbai leg of his shows. I mean it. Take a second, think about all you know about concert ticket costs and take into account the Biebs' selling power.

You got a number in your head? What was it? $150? $250? Maybe even $500-ish for premium seats?

Not even close.


The highest price is 76,790 Rupees for the VVIP pass to his concert, or about $1,152 USD, to stand somewhat near where the guy who sang "Baby" is standing.

For around $870 USD (58,030 Rupees), you can have a watered-down version of the VVIP experience with a VIP experience pass (which notably involves one less V).

What's crazier is that even if you somehow had that much disposable cash just lying around, there was a good chance you wouldn't even come close to being able to buy a ticket to the tour.

This screenshot showed one fan who was 3,956th person in line.


Indian Beliebers are fairly pissed off at Justin for pulling this crap and are flocking to Twitter to express their anger with just how much it takes to see him live.


This is the millennial Indian answer to the ol' "gas or groceries" paradox from back in 2009.


"Yeah, it's too late to say sorry / to afford a ticket you must sell your body"


A lot of the jokes people are making seem to center around how much his fans are paying to listen to crappy music live.


Someone meme'd this no-holds-barred Bieber burn.

But the price and online queue haven't deterred fans in the slightest.


Despite everything, the VIP and VVIP passes are selling out like *insert joke about famous movie star from India who used to be cool, but then did a bunch of Bollywood studio films here*.


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