Justin Bieber Deletes Explanation For On-Stage Tantrum


You know what all those Beliebers need after their hero stormed off stage in a childish tantrum? An apology.

Well, stop looking at Justin Bieber, 'cause you ain't getting jack from him.

The closest thing to an apology they're getting is this half-assed explanation he posted — then deleted — on Twitter. What a tool box.

It's long, rambling and not like any "apology" you've read before.


Basically, he tries to justify his goonish behavior at his Manchester performance by saying he has a right to be heard and he's not some sort of "robot."

Bieber, that's exactly what you are. Now please shut up and sing for us.

Here's Bieber's sorrynotsorry rant on Twitter in full:


OK, pal.

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