Justin Bieber Punched A Fan In The Face And There's Video

Considering the fact that Justin Bieber recently got pantsed by a fan, I'd assume that Bieber-fan relations might be a little, well, tense right about now.

If thousands of people knew what MY butt looked like, I'd officially retire, become a hermit and live a life on the rails with my bindlestick and a pocket full of hopes.

Sure, the Biebs might find some comfort in the fact that Serena Williams seems to have the hugest crush on him (sorry Drake), but not after what just happened in Barcelona. Oh no.

While Justin was getting a ride to his performance on Tuesday night, a very handsy fan reached extremely deep into Justin's car and received a punch to the face as a result. Without further ado, here's the video of the punch heard (and seen) 'round the world.

TMZ on YouTube

Let's see that punch again...


Yeah, his hand was way too deep into that car. This is what I imagine happened on Bieber's side of things:


The fan in question was bloodied up from the whole event and seemed to be in utter disbelief.

Even his friends seem to be straight-up shocked over the fact that their one true idol threw a fist at a fellow, aggressive Belieber.


Personal space is extremely important and when you cross that line, you have to accept the consequences.

If someone touched my face, I can guarantee that I'll defend myself appropriately.

And by "defend myself appropriately," I mean "nuzzle against their hand until they were extremely uncomfortable."


It's safe to say that Justin didn't respond to this hands-on approach like this cow did (and how I would).

Meanwhile, all these fans spun this punch-recipient around like a friggin' piñata...

The moral of the story is this: Keep your hands to yourself. Seriously, it's not that hard.