Serena Williams Admits She Has A Massive Crush On Justin Bieber


It's a good thing Drake's been preoccupied with his obsession over Taylor Swift (and sometimes Rihanna).

Remember when Drake and Serena Williams were putting their romantic connection on display for the world to see? Well, those days are over.

Despite the fact that Serena Williams has admitted to Drake being one of the funniest people she knows, the 35-year-old tennis superstar isn't biting her tongue when it comes to who her current celebrity crush is.

Serena appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on November 18 where she brought fans up to speed on what she's been busy with these days.

Perhaps the highlight of her appearance on Ellen was the part where she played a fun game of "Who'd You Rather?"

Her options? Jake Gyllenhaal, Bruno Mars, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Lewis Hamilton, Chance the Rapper and more.

Despite giving Ellen honest answers as to who she would rather, things fell apart after Justin Bieber popped up on the big screen and stole the show. Serena Williams has never looked so happy to see another man -- not even Drake -- until Justin Bieber's photo appeared.

She immediately did a Hillary Clinton-like shoulder shimmy dance and asked,

What do you mean?! I am DEFINITELY going with Justin Bieber.

Ellen then begins cycling through the rest of the male candidates on the big screen. Still, Serena wants NOTHING to do with them.

It's always gonna be Justin Bieber.

The 58-year-old talk show host then pulls out the secret weapon: Bradley Cooper. Again, Serena Williams turns him down for Justin Bieber.

Ellen responds saying,

Well, that's a surprise to all of us.

I'll go ahead and agree with Ellen. I honestly did NOT expect Serena to be much of a Justin Bieber fan. However, it's becoming quite clear that she's got a thing for Canadians. Drake, now Justin?!

Who's next? Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling? Oh wait, they're both married.

Hey, Justin, it looks like you have some business to take care of when you're done touring, buddy.

Check out the clip above!

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