Bieber And Kanye Will Each Get 500,000 Gummy D*cks On April Fools' Day

Both Justin Bieber and Kanye West are going to receive a pleasant surprise come this April Fools' day.

The two music superstars/intolerable douchebags will each be receiving 500,000 gummy dicks on April 1.

That's right, the guys over at Ship A Bag Of Dicks have been running a special promotion in which customers who buy a bag of the candy cocks can also send a bag to either Bieber or Yeezy for free.

When it's all said and done, over 5,000 bags, each with 100 dicks, will be sent to Bieber and West. Not only is this a hilarious way to stick it to these two a-holes, but it's also a genius marketing ploy.

You can see the merchandise that Bieber and Kanye will be receiving in the video above.

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