Jon Heder From 'Napoleon Dynamite' Grew Up Into A Total Stud

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Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Napoleon! When the hell did you get so god-dang FOYNNNN?!?!

I will GLADLY give you all my tots, Jon Heder. Kindly ask and they're YOURS. Just let me know.

I think everyone needs to take a second today and acknowledge how much Jon Heder has grown. Not just as an actor or human being, but as a beautiful butterfly.

You see, it used to be whenever someone would say the words "Napoleon Dynamite" they would think of this awkward dove trying to make its way in the world.

Yeah, not hot. B;ess him for trying, but def not hot.

Take a seat and get a whole pack of ice because you're gonna get a major case of the vapors the second you see what Napoleon looks like nowadays.


*plays with Starbucks straw.* Tina, you fat lard, who is your friend?!?!?

Here is a friendly reminder that this...

...turned into this.


Gone and dead is this thing.

Alive and well is this beautiful Phoenix, rising from it's deplorable ashes.

Where we're going we don't need roads… BUT WE DEFF NEED A CHANGE OF PANTS! HACHI CHACHI!


Small bad news: He's married and his family is effing adorable as hell because life is cruel.


Ok, go towel off. You look winded.

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