Jon Hamm Details Incredibly Awkward First Time Having Sex: 'It Wasn't Easy'


For eight years, viewers tuned in to “Mad Men” for a glimpse of the fast-paced world of Madison Avenue advertising firms in 1960s New York.

LOL, KIDDING. We tuned in to see Don Draper eff. All of us did. From 2007 to 2015, Don effed all over town. Many times it was sexy, other times it was sad and a few times it was even with his wife.

Don lost his virginity to an early-1940s Vivian Ward and, once the encounter was exposed to his family, was beaten as punishment.

Actor Jon Hamm, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of Don Draper, enjoyed a far less violent, but ultimately pretty awkward first time experience.

In an interview with ELLE leading up to the October 21 release of his new film “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” Jon said he lost his virginity as a 19-year-old college student and insisted if he were able to go back, he'd change “everything” about it.

He shared,

There's no version of it that's not awkward. Let's put it this way: As much as I had practiced, I was still not quite ready for game time… Maybe it's easy for some people. It certainly wasn't for me.

That era of Jon's life wasn't totally awash in embarrassment.

In his post-grad 20s, the now 45-year-old was waiting tables in Los Angeles and working to break into the entertainment industry.

When asked what advice he'd give his 20-year-old self, Jon said,

The best thing you could say is: Appreciate it. Struggle is part of the journey. That's what I've learned in my forties: This too shall pass.

So true. Nothing lasts forever, except maybe the timeless beauty of Ryan Gosling, whom Jon admitted is “impossibly handsome.”

Jon, an impossibly handsome man himself, also attempted to explain Don Draper's success with women, despite being a big-time creep.

The actor told the site,

Women realized that he's bad news. I think Don's appeal is more to old white dudes than it is to ladies. Because he represents this mythical era of masculinity. We're going through it in the political arena now. Old white dudes saying, 'Remember when we ran shit?' You still do. It's still a thing.

I know, I know, we're all dying to text Jon 400 praise hands emojis right now, but he's busy worrying about the roads and the bridges. Someone has to.

While discussing the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency, Jon said,

In this ridiculously polarized, obstructionist world, the operating principle should be, 'Let's get something done.' Not, 'Let's freeze everything.' We really need to fix the roads. We really, really should get on those bridges. At the end of the day, Hillary gets things done.

That's right, J baby. Trust your local nasty woman to get things done.

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