Australia Plans To Kill Johnny Depp's Dogs If He Doesn't Send Them Home


Johnny Depp is in Australia shooting the next installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, and he brought his two dogs along with him for the shoot.

But, that's a big no-no in Australia.

Apparently, one needs the proper permits, and the animals have to go through a quarantine process in order to be brought into the Land Down Under.

Thus, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce declared the two Yorkshire Terriers named Pistol and Boo will be euthanized if they're not out of the country by Saturday.

Joyce said,

Joyce suggested Depp send the dogs back to California via the private plane that brought them to Australia in the first place.

The minister made it clear he will not bend the rule just because Depp is a celebrity.

Joyce added,

It seems like a harsh ruling by Joyce and the Australian government, but it does make sense.

Hopefully, Depp comes to his senses and ships the pups back home.

Here's a video of Joyce delivering the message.

ABC News (Australia) on YouTube

Don't let this dog die!

I hope we won't find out if all dogs go to heaven.

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