John Legend And Ryan Gosling Bonded Over Their Babies

Dadvice (Noun): Guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by one dad to another.

That is a word I just made up that I think should catch on big in 2017.

It's the idea of two dads getting together and sharing lessons/wisdom about how to not accidentally screw up your newborn baby.

For instance: Did you know babies can't eat honey? This is probably something Ryan Reynolds told Rob Kardashian at some point in the latter part of this year.

This year had a decent amount of babies getting birthed, which means Hollywood saw an influx of new dads -- aka, LA is now Dadvice CENTRAL.

One of the more notable dads to have made his debut is John Legend, who had baby Luna with Chrissy Teigen earlier this year, just days before Eva Mendes gave birth to baby Amada with Ryan Gosling.


Legend says the two bonded over their shared dad-hood while on set for "La La Land."

John told ET,

Amada and Luna were both born in April. We talked about it. We had just announced that we were pregnant right around when we were filming the movie, so... he definitely kind of shared how joyous it is to be a new father and gave me something to look forward to.

Don't get toooo stoked on a potential baby friendship between Amada and Luna. When asked about whether or not the two have had a play date yet, Legend said,

They have not yet. She hasn't had a play date with anybody. You can barely say she's had it with Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker's boy, Hank. But Hank is quite a bit older than her by a few months, so she hasn't really had a genuine play date with anyone her age just yet.

"La La Land" comes out December 9. Pictures of Baby Luna are available NOW.


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