John Legend's Excitement Over Luna's First Christmas Will Put You In The Spirit


Hard to believe, but this is Luna Simone Stephens very first Christmas, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen plan to make it special.

I say it's hard to believe not because I doubt that John and Chrissy will pull off an awesome Christmas, but because it feels like Baby Luna has existed for at least five Christmases.

But nope, Luna was born in April, so this marks her first encounter with the crossroad of Christianity and consumerism.

According to John Legend in an interview with E! News promoting his upcoming film, "La La Land," the new parents aren't going to go too too hard for the special occasion.

John said,

We're not going to spoil [Luna] much for Christmas because she'll have no idea and she'll have no appreciation. I think most of the things we'll do for her for Christmas will really be for us... like dressing her up.

OK, true, I guess a less than 1-year-old isn't quite old enough to appreciate a new Xbox yet.

But if you're going to put embarrassing baby photos on the internet, at least start the poor girl a trust or something.

Because if those Halloween pictures of Luna are any indication, you know there are going to be a TON of Christmas outfits.


John went on to say not only is it Luna's first Christmas, it's also the first Christmas John and Chrissy have gotten to spend together at home.

He said,

This will be our first Christmas tree, me and Chrissy. We've never have had a time when we were home during Christmas because we usually travel to family members, who live in Ohio or Thailand, where her parents lived before. This is the first time that we've actually been able to be home, and have our own tree, and decorate our own house for Christmas.

And apparently Chrissy is going to cook for everyone, so you know it's going to be good.

John also mentioned how much Luna is growing and developing — to the point where she's sitting up and waving.

He said,

She's sitting up, she's way more active and engaged. She's waving at us, for 'Goodbye' and 'Hello.' We get so excited for these little, tiny things that represent progress in her development.

Shit, son. Soon this baby is going to be like a real, live person. Time is weird.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Luna!

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