Chrissy Teigen Dressed Luna As A Hot Dog And People Can't Handle The Cuteness


Sports Illustrated cover model Chrissy Teigen and soulful singer-songwriter John Legend are what every couple strive to be. They're just so damn good-looking and talented!

Chrissy posted this picture about a month ago with her precious, precious family.

Luna Simone Stephens was born this April and she's super adorable.

Chrissy just can't help but post pictures and videos of her little girl!


We're not complaining, though. She's just too cute.

And for Halloween, Luna has two Halloween costumes prepared for this Monday night's festivities!

Here's Luna dressed up as a hot dog!


Luna is either really confused, or really hungry.

And then Chrissy dressed her up as a peacock.

Luna's like, "Get this thing off of me!"

 Twitter can't seem to get enough of it either!


User taayuh says,

OMFG I died how adorable is this!! @chrissyteigen tis the season. We want more costumes

Another girl thinks that Luna is simply #BABYGOALS.


BrintonMegan tweets,

Honestly, @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend have set an unrealistically high expectation for how cute my future kids should be. LOOK AT LUNA.

Another Twitter user argues that she's actually Chrissy and John's child.


Yes, that is in fact Twitter user ihatesamaria in the second photo. I'm cackling!

But this isn't the first time Twitter's weighed in on the mom and her child. A few days ago, someone called her out over holding Luna wrong.


Twitter user uvUyoh tweeted at the new mother,

This is now how a baby is held!!!!

And as if the model took some lessons from the one and only clap-back queen Rihanna, Chrissy retorted, saying,

really because that's how I'm fucking holding her


Both sides of the feud are now private on Twitter.

I'm hoping that nothing will ever stop Chrissy from posting pictures of her darling daughter on Instagram though. And I think we're all hoping that there are more Halloween costumes to come for Luna!