John Legend Crashed A Yoga Class And We All Wish We'd Been There

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/Steve Granitz

If you've ever had a dream about chilling with your favorite celeb, you know how real it can feel, and how much you fight to stay asleep as long as possible to enjoy every single second of the fantasy. Like, the other night, I was casually having a glass of rosé with John Legend, and when my alarm rang for my a.m. yoga class, I was honestly pretty pissed. So, if you feel me on a spiritual level and would low-key skip your morning vinyasa for snoozing visions of the Legend himself, this video of John Legend in yoga class will literally give you life (and possibly make you regret ditching downward dog).

Picture all of your fantasies about the dreamy singer/songwriter coming to life, from him serenading you with his smooth-as-butter voice, to him doing partner poses alongside you in your favorite yoga class. The latter literally happened to an unsuspecting mom when Legend crashed her routine yoga sesh and nonchalantly chilled on the mat next to her in child's pose. 

Yoga is definitely meant to relax you, but if this happened to me, I would high-key have a seizure on the spot.

Legend basically agreed to follow every direction that the mother's sneaky kids gave him in order to execute the prank.

The mom's adorable kids were eager to prank her, and knowing she's a huge John Legend fan (I mean, who isn't?), they brought in the singer and told him exactly what to say to her through a hidden earpiece he was wearing.

He started off by hardcore flirting with her from his adjacent mat (ugh, swoon). Then, the kids took the prank even further by having Legend essentially embody the role of the world's absolute worst yoga classmate ever. Case in point: You'll see him hiss super loudly in the video as he flows into cobra pose -- yes, like a literal snake. The 38-year-old singer then proceeded to loudly announce his amazing yoga abilities to the class: "I'm really good at yoga. Like, really, really, really, really good."

We get it, John. There's nothing you can't do. Now please leave Chrissy and propose to me. What? Who said that?!

Anyway, if you're wondering what the outcome of this super random and bizarre prank was, it gets a little more practical, I promise. The kids had a little more fun with their joke by having Legend try to tell their mom that chores and piano lessons are super unnecessary (preach, children, preach).

TBH, I already fantasize about this drool-worthy man on the reg, but seeing him do yoga -- hissing aside, I guess, but did anyone else find it a little sexy?! -- just kind of put me over the edge.

Alas, I still can't help but admire his picture-perfect marriage with Chrissy Teigen. Their beautiful fam never fails to give me all the feels. And yeah, as much as I want Legend to serenade me with his chills-inspiring music, I've come to accept that his otherworldly voice is reserved for Chrissy and their super adorable daughter Luna.

If I'm being completely honest, though, I totally wouldn't mind if Teigen was chilling next to me in downward dog either.

In fact, Teigen was actually spotted in an aerial yoga class not long after giving birth to her now 1-year-old daughter.

She said the movement felt absolutely amazing for her postpartum body, and she even admitted to being a bit of a klutz in the silks (#relatable).

Bottom line: Legend and Teigen are a total match made in heaven, and having either of them balancing it out next to me in tree pose would make my heart pump so fast that I could probably consider a gentle yoga class my cardio for the day.