JLo Gives Beyoncé Advice On Raising Twins: 'Nothing Can Prepare You'

by Eitan Levine

Jennifer Lopez has some pretty solid mom advice for Beyoncé, because when you're Jennifer Lopez you can say stuff like, "I have some pretty solid mom advice for Beyoncé," and the world listens.

We're about a month removed from the 'Yoncé alerting the planet to two new Knowles babies on the way.

It goes without saying everyone on this planet is rooting for Beyoncé to power through this pregnancy like a champion, arguably none more than Jennifer Lopez.

During an interview with Page Six, Jennifer Lopez gave over some twin birthing and rearing advice to Beyoncé, saying,

Nothing can prepare you for twins, I certainly was not prepared. I would say, 'Stay calm.'

OK, maybe advice is a strong word to use here.

I think "words of doom" or "warning about the mental preparation one needs to do before attempting the suicide mission that is raising two babies at one time" are better word choices, but what do I know? I didn't write "Waiting For Tonight."


Jenny isn't the only Hollywood star sharing her experiences with crapping out two babies at once.

Zoe Saldana shared the bilingual hell that was her life when she gave birth, saying,

One is more into talking in Spanish. The other is expressing himself more in English. One is like, 'No quiero! No quiero!' And the other is like, 'I don't wanna!' You're like, 'It's time to go to sleep,' and they're both yelling at you all these things. And when they start fighting, they just look like two lads at a pub fighting over like the wrong girl, too. It's like, 'Ugh!' It's just vicious. 'You guys are only two; this is horrible.'

Celine Dion admits without her family she would have had an impossible time raising her twins, saying,

Me, I'm extremely fortunate because I have a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of help,


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