Jessica Alba Has A Hack For Over-Plucked Eyebrows, But It's Not For Everyone

by Anna Menta

Look, Jessica Alba gets the thin eyebrow struggle.

She understands that sometimes you just start plucking and you get a little carried away. Next thing you know, the bushy caterpillars on your forehead have been sheared down to mere twigs of their formerly glorious selves.


Trust me, Jessica Alba gets this.

"I definitely over-plucked when I was a kid," the 35-year-old said in a new interview with E! News at her Honest Beauty launch at Target.

"I got, like, really intense with the skinny eyebrows," she continued. "It was like a look, and I didn't really know what I was doing."

Nah, don't blame yourself, Jessica. You were on TV in the early 2000s, after all. There was pretty much no avoiding those pencil brows.


But luckily, Jessica figured out a way to undo the damage that had been done and turn her brows into the bold look we know and love today.

Her secret?

Well, first of all, she straight up stopped plucking. That might be kind of obvious, but it's a pretty important step.

But her other secret is... drumroll please... PRENATAL VITAMINS!

Jessica told E!,

I did prenatals [vitamins], and I didn't pluck my eyebrows for like two years, and that's how I grew them back.

So there you go, just take some prenatals, lay off the tweezers and, pretty soon, your brows will be looking like this!

No, OK, I'm kidding. You should really only take prenatal vitamins if you're actually prenatal, aka pregnant.

Luckily for Jessica Alba's brows, she and her husband, Cash Warren, have two children. Their daughter, Honor Marie Warren, was born in 2008 and their second daughter, Haven Garner Warren, was born in 2011.

So I don't want to hear about anyone getting pregnant just so they can grow their brows back, ya hear?

Just stick to the whole "not plucking" thing and get yourself a brow pencil.

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